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We at Thaba Morula would like to thank you for your time and the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you. For those of you that are already part of our family, this is the chance to get to know us even better. We are proud of our product, and so are many schools and because of this we are now one of the biggest adventure camps in South Africa. We hope that after reading this submission, you will have a better insight about Thaba Morula and our goals for the future. Words on paper however are meaningless if the reality is fictional. We invite you to visit our beautiful camp, to see for yourself that you can be part of something good and pure for the children of South Africa.

Mission Statement

At Thaba Morula we would like to start our visitors on their eternal voyage of discovery, to discover themselves and their own potential, but also their role in society. Our overall goal therefore is to help every individual to overcome all of his/her fears, and to enable him/her to reach for their highest goals in life without the demotivation of fear and insecurity, holding them back. We are aware, however that this discovery is not always easy, but we would like to create a whole new lifestyle of always being alive! By using the available instruments, and vast experience of our instructors, we would like to install on the individuals the perception, of never being satisfied with his/her present situation, but always strive for the highest goal - to know, therefore, that there is an inexhaustable amount of potential within him/her! We at Thaba Morula, believe that every human being has a God given potential. We would like to provide each and everyone with the opportunity to explore this potential, and to enrich the lives of each and everyone that comes to visit us.

YOU'VE ONLY GOT ONE LIFE . . . . . . . . . LIVE IT!