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Over the years Thaba Morula has built up a foundation of knowledge which we use to create unique programmes to  accommodate each group. Therefore Thaba Morula offers programmes that concentrates on individual development,  leadership  development, small-group interaction and a wide spectrum of big group interaction and team-building.

These programmes are not fixed and can be tailored to suit each groups needs.

Adventure Camps
This is a great way to experience the "bushveld" from teaching learners about nature conservation and the bush  environment to adrenalin based activities to help the learners overcome their fears and to develop self-confidence and  self-esteem.

Leadership Identification
The leadership identification programme has been specifically designed to help schools in their selections for potential  leaders. By bringing learners into a different environment away from school to see how the individuals act and  respond to
different challenges.

Leadership Development
Once leaders have been  selected  at  their  school  this  is  an  opportunity  using  our activities  to  develop
team-work, co-operation skills,  problem-solving  &  decision  making skills,  self-reliance, personal  responsibility, and  to  respect the difference between people. Developing these attributes will help the students in the coming year as leaders.

Adventure Challenge
The adventure challenge is our unique program.  The  course  is  a  combination of the  above-mentioned programs with a
leadership theme. This program may only be presented to small groups (max 50) and new leaders. The adventure  challenge is all about making the right choice this encourages  your  learners to think about the decisions they make.  The
challenge commits the leaders to work together as a team and will enhance their  leadership ability at school.   It includes
working in small groups as well as one big group to complete the whole challenge! This program stretches over a weekend
or three-week days.

When you strive 2 live life to it's limits, it is
 important, 2 know yourself, your abilities and
 your limits!