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Financial education and understanding how money works, is the basis of every career's success. It is crucial that students 

should understand the correct mind-set and tools to adopt to become financially independent. 


The most important lesson that my father taught me was that "if you want to become a millionaire, you have to learn from a millionaire"


The “6 Zeros to a Million” course is based on the book “How to Become a Millionaire at 22” by Albert van Wyk. It is focussed on 

enabling the youth to become financially independent and equipping them with the correct financial tools that are crucial in life. 

The course teaches important financial concepts in an easy and understandable way that any student can take to heart. We will 

embark on an eye-opening and practical journey that will inspire and equip the students to reach their dreams, create success 

for themselves and give value to the people around them. The course will teach them to be “money-smart”, enabling them to be 

in a financial position to live their passion and make a difference in society without financial constraints.


The course kicks off with embedding the correct mind-set about money and wealth, moving on to goal-setting and ending off with  

the correct financial principles to follow when working with money.


Give your child the financial and entrepreneurial advantage.


  •          Your school will be responsible for the travel arrangements.
  •          As soon as you make a booking Thaba Morula will send you all the other information needed for the weekend. 
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